Crowdfunding for the children’s book „Learn to say NO with the NONOs crochetgang“


Suport Crowdfunding now!

Friends, forgive me if I do not translate the whole German blogpost here, time is running and I am stuck with preparing the crowdfunding campaign. So this is just a short summary for international and English NONOs fans. As an international or English speaking supporter you can still back the campaign for the German book by purchasing one of he first 4 rewards at the campaign site. These are all international rewards:

1) We are starting at 18:00 / 6 pm tonight, so make sure to be first


2) Although it is crowdfunding for the German version of the book, there will still be two english patterns for you available in a digital format.


3) Please don’t forget to share the campaign with all your friends and family, because we can only make this book (and the planned English version) possible if we reach as many people as possible together.


Thanks in advance for keeping your fingers crossed, supporting and sharing. Once the campaign has started, you can share and support it here (click the image):

Support the NONOs book now!